AMG installs and maintains Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic Air source heat pumps.

Benefits of the systems.
  • Low running costs, which can help reduce energy bills
  • Homeowners could benefit from Government incentives, such as the RHI scheme
  • Removes the need for fuel to be delivered and stored at home, which is common in homes that are in off-gas areas and rely on alternative fuels, such as oil
  • Heat pumps produce no emissions and are much more environmentally friendly than traditional heating systems
  • They operate efficiently even in cold temperatures. Just 25% of the energy used by a heat pump is provided by electricity, with the remaining 75% being generated by the environment through the ground, water or air
  • The utilisation of natural energy sources means the approach to heating and hot water production is particularly sustainable
  • Emissions free
  • Incredibly quiet during operation
  • Heat pumps work well with both underfloor heating and radiators with low surface temperatures
  • Can be used as part of a climate controlled system within the home
  • Simple and robust technology with low maintenance and a long service life